The foundation

It was in 1998 that a group of people driven by a deep desire to help their neighbors united to provide support to Haiti, devastated by Hurricane Georges. Their commitment to people in need was the starting point for the creation of the Foundation. Their initial goal was to rebuild devastated communities and provide humanitarian aid to those who needed it most.

Over time, the Foundation’s mission has evolved to help people from all backgrounds and facing different difficulties. The founders quickly realized that the need was not only around the world, but also closer to home.

In 2017, a decisive turning point occurred when Denis Roy was put on the path to the Foundation by the force of God. Deeply guided by his faith and his desire to help others, he joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors and later became its president. When he arrived, the Foundation wanted to redefine itself, Denis took the opportunity to convey his passion and determination, so that the Foundation could take off again.

Convinced of the need to raise funds to meet the growing needs of organizations in the Lavaltrie region, Denis undertook to mobilize the community and raise awareness of the cause among local businesses. His unwavering commitment sparked the interest and support of other dedicated people, including businessman Marc Saulnier

Marc, touched by Denis’ vision and determination, invested his time and personal funds to support the Foundation. With the help of his various businesses, he helped strengthen the capabilities of the Foundation and meet the growing needs of the Lavaltrie community. Other businesses in the area, such as Coffrages Synergy, have followed suit, recognizing the importance of getting involved and making a difference in their own community.

Since then, the Foundation’s activities have continued to grow, driven by the dedication and continued support of many people. The funds raised helped finance projects and initiatives that have had a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families in need. The Foundation has been able to adapt to changing social needs and has worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions of the most deprived.
What began as a humble initiative to help Haiti in 1998 has grown into a Foundation committed to helping people in need, from all walks of life.

The ultimate dream of the Marc Saulnier Foundation is to bring together as many charitable organizations as possible in order to minimize operating costs, maximize the assistance offered and raise awareness among these organizations of the importance of collaboration to ensure a sustainable and long-term commitment from all the actors involved.

The Foundation recognizes that each charity has its own specific objectives and areas of focus, but strongly believes that there is strength in numbers. By encouraging organizations to come together, share their resources and collaborate closely, the Foundation aims to create a powerful synergy that will amplify the impact of their actions.

By working together, organizations can share best practices, exchange innovative ideas and learn from each other. This approach promotes continuous learning and constant improvement, which leads to more meaningful and lasting social impact.

The Marc Saulnier Foundation firmly believes that bringing together charitable organizations is the way to address the most pressing social challenges facing our society. By creating a platform for exchange and collaboration, the Foundation wishes to encourage fruitful cooperation between stakeholders in the charitable sector, thereby promoting a more effective collective approach to solving the complex problems we face.

Our three areas of intervention


  • Enable people to feed themselves, eat their fill, with dignity and enable them to achieve long-term food security.


  • Promote quality academic training for all young people.
  • Promote and provide financial education to empower individuals and help them make informed decisions regarding the management of their financial resources.
  • Encourage physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Promote culinary training allowing the acquisition of skills in preparing healthy meals with an emphasis on local purchasing, food recycling and food diversification.

Bear witness

  • Convey the importance of believing in ourselves and in something greater than ourselves to bring meaning and direction to our lives.

Give back to the community

Apply the “pay it forward” principle

Be present especially in Lanaudière, but also at the national and international level

Denis Roy, President

After working 30 years as a lineman, Denis Roy decided to pursue his dream and help others. Since 1985, he has been an active member of the International Community of Full Gospel Businessmen (FGBMFI) and is President of the Lavaltrie chapter. His retirement allows him to fulfill his ambition to help by volunteering. It is his faith that leads him to get involved in The Marc Saulnier Foundation to promote synergy between organizations.

Marc Saulnier, Treasurer

Marc Saulnier is a seasoned and experienced entrepreneur from the Lanaudière region who feels indebted to the community. For him, it is completely normal to follow the Christian message of giving to others. A visionary, he wishes to share his experience as a versatile entrepreneur while helping organizations develop their autonomy.
And it is through the Marc Saulnier Foundation that he wishes to give to the right people. Since the NPOs are already organized to achieve their objectives, the Marc Saulnier Foundation only has to support them to enrich the community.

Alexandre Déry, Vice-President

Alexandre Déry has been in the sales and distribution of automotive parts for 27 years. He has always had this desire to help his neighbor. Through all the freedom that the Marc Saulnier Foundation gives him, he is proud to be able to lend a helping hand not only to the most
poor people, but also to dedicated people who voluntarily take care of people.

Jean-Pierre Dubreuil, Administrator

After working for 30 years in the trucking industry, Jean-Pierre joined UQAM and then the IBQ (Institut Biblique du Québec). In 2004, he founded with his wife the Défi Jeunesse Lanaudière in Sainte-Béatrix where they worked ardently for 7 years. Since 2010, he has focused his efforts on helping non-profit organizations working in the Lanaudière region.