Donation Management

Let the Marc Saulnier Foundation manage donations for your business. This will save you time and money. You will also avoid dissatisfaction linked to refusals.

Choose who you want to support

The Foundation allows you to choose your charities. All you have to do is select the organization(s) you want to help in the donation form. You can manage all of your donations in a single transaction.

Your donation is used to its full potential

The Foundation ensures that the organization receiving your donation optimizes its use.

Donations collected are distributed 100% throughout the community. The Foundation does not collect any amount since the operating costs and the coaching offered are 100% covered by the Companies of Marc Saulnier and Coffrage Synergy.

If necessary, Marc Saulnier generously offers his time or that of members of the board of directors to help optimize the operation of aid organizations and maximize their impact in the community.

One-time donation

The Marc Saulnier Foundation can help an organization to facilitate the accomplishment of a particular project, whether it is Christmas baskets, the construction of a center or the acquisition of a vehicle to enable better service. A due diligence is always carried out on the event or the specific development project of the organization as well as on the reason motivating the investment request from the Foundation.

Monthly donation

The monthly donation makes it possible to support on a recurring basis the organizations, thus ensuring them a fixed income and better strategic planning. The Foundation ensures that the project will have a real impact in the lives of people in our community. 100% of the donations collected are redistributed to charitable works to carry out the projects set up with the Marc Saulnier Foundation.