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The foundation

The Marc Saulnier Foundation is a philanthropic organization that is committed day after day to helping charitable organizations. The Marc Saulnier Foundation goes beyond the simple monetary contribution by supporting and encouraging charities to improve their operational efficiency and adopt an entrepreneurial perspective in order to maximize the funds and resources they can receive.

Despite this mission of improving and increasing the amounts raised by charitable organizations, the Board of Directors of the Marc Saulnier Foundation remains
deeply attached to the human aspect which is at the heart of charitable works. It recognizes that the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people must be at the center of all actions taken. The Foundation pays particular attention to how charities treat the individuals they seek to help, ensuring they are respected, listened to and supported with empathy and compassion.

The Marc Saulnier Foundation encourages charities to adopt people-centered approaches, recognizing that each individual has unique needs and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Working hand-in-hand with charities, the foundation aims to create an environment conducive to personal growth and well-being of those benefiting from charitable assistance, while promoting resourcefulness and community action.

The Marc Saulnier Foundation wishes to embody the idea that philanthropic efforts must go beyond simple financial generosity. She is committed to supporting charities in their development so that they can better meet the needs of disadvantaged people.

Donation management

The Marc Saulnier Foundation team in Lavaltrie works closely with charitable organizations to develop projects that will benefit them while optimizing the use of the donations collected.

Our impact

Since 2016, the Marc Saulnier Foundation has donated more than $860 000 and supported more than 35 organizations. Our approach is to support organizations’ fundraising events. This allows us to promote community action and community resourcefulness.